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Lightbulb Divine Space - 3D space adventure/quest ARPG in hard sci-fi genre lands on Kickstarte

October 14th, 2012, 22:52

Hello everyone!

My name is Anti A. Danilevski, I'm a producer at Dodo Games, and game that we are developing is named 'Divine Space'. Glad to meet you all!

Divine Space is a 3D space adventure/quest ARPG, in hard sci-fi genre, with real-time combat and click-n-go controls. It as a mix of the spirits of such games as Star Control, Elite, and Space Rangers; this is simple gameplay comparable to Dark Orbit, with excellent, up-to-date three-dimensional graphics somehow comparable to Eve Online.

The action of the game takes place in a universe resembling our real world as much as possible: stars are located just where they actually are. We had to spend several months developing actual astronomical data and building a universe based on them. After playing Divine Space, you will know once and for all where the sun is located in our corner of the universe, which stars are closest to us, what their spectral classes are, planets… and much more.

However, this in no way converts the game into a boring educational manual. Battles, trading, travel, explorations, figuring out secrets, and surprising discoveries await gamers in the Divine Space universe.

The game integrates many possibilities that are favorites among gamers: building ships from parts and then fitting them out with weaponry, equipment, and engines; acquisition and collection of resources, exploration of unknown stars and planets, meeting and socializing with other pilots and characters; of course the game has lots of various quests and assignments. The economics of the universe reacts to events occurring in it, prices change depending on whether the stores are filled with some goods or, on the other hand, because of a deficit of others, which makes commerce truly interesting and fascinating.

For some time now I have not seen any games with a quality theme. Everything is knocked together by creating beautiful effects and squeezing the most out of the possibilities of modern hardware… but about the world, the universe, the theme, the characters, and their backgrounds, they’ve chosen to forget all that. The plebes, as they say, lap it up all the same, the artwork is pretty — well, okay.

We do feel that is disastrous for games (it’s enough to look at modern Hollywood films to understand where our industry is headed). And that needs to be corrected, before it’s too late. It’s enough to compare the themes of Homeworld, Star Control, and what’s being made today to see the reason. Therefore the idea arose of creating Divine Space—a game with a well thought-out universe, an interesting theme that isn’t a cardboard cut-out, characters with background, and so forth. You could say that this will be an old favorite game in a modern performance.

Main features of the game:
  • Scientific: the world is built on REAL astronomical data, obtained from astronomers and scientists. Stars have their real positions, spectral classes, etc.;
  • Construction of ships from parts. You can built your custom hulls and add devices and weapons;
  • Deep scenario and world design (it's almost USP nowadays). We built our scenario based on current research. It's somewhat a prediction of the possible future;
  • Most operating systems are supported. First, the game will be single-player ARPG, but the game will move toward serious MMO.


We're making it with Unity3D; it's a cross-platform game - so we are developing first version for iPads, next - Android, next - PC/Mac/Linux. In plans, after single-player versions - crossplatform MMO.

You can watch our progress here:

I welcome you to sign up to our crew here:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
I'm watching this thread and will reply quick.
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