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July 22nd, 2013, 21:49
Originally Posted by tuukka View Post
Many of those games were quite different from each other. They aim to do very different things within the RPG genre.

But regardless, the learning curve / higher difficulty issue of Oblivion can be handled by putting the difficulty at the hardest. And after that, once you add a scaling-removal mod and a realism mod (Including eating, sleeping, disease, etc), Oblivion can have a steeper learning curve and higher difficulty than any of the games you mentioned.

That's what's fun about the ES series. You can tailor the game to fit your own taste.

The Oblivion I played was a relentless, unforgiving experience.

I haven't yet started my full play-through of Skyrim. I'm soon updating to a faster computer, and once I have it, I will update the graphics to be 200% better. Of course I also will add the Realistic Lighting Overhaul, and more varied weather.

I will add the Frostbite mod, so that the weather conditions will affect my gameplay. I will have the Realistic Needs And Diseases, which requires me to eat, drink, sleep, and take care of my health. I will make the civil war more ravaging and active with Civil Unrest.

I will get Healthfire, to build my own home, and to have my own children. I will add Adura's Merchant mod to start my own trading business. And I will get Tundra Defense, so I can start my own town, get my own tax-paying citizens, my own army, etc.

Not to mention Dawnguard and numerous other mods, that will give me 50-100 new quests to do. And then there are going to be countless of new monsters and loot.

I like being 100% immersed in a world, struggling to survive, yet being able to do anything I want. The Skyrim I'm going to play is going to be bigger, more complex, and more demanding than any of the games you mentioned.
Likewise, I've recently started playing Skyrim with all the mods you've mentioned, as well as numerous others, all with the aim of emulating the complexity and challenge of old school RPGs. SkyRe and Frostbite are the two core mods that make all the difference.
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