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July 22nd, 2013, 22:48
Originally Posted by tuukka View Post
I will also probably install Enhanced Enemy A.I and Locational Damage, as from what I've heard, they make the combat a lot more tactical and dangerous.
You should probably reconsider Locational Damage. Just take a look at the comments over at the Nexus… One user sums it up: "This mod still have lots of problems (…) the mod will simply stop working sometimes (extremely annoying) and if you look at the comments below you'll see many people are having many different problems. All we can do by now is hope the mod's author is still working on it." It's also a bit inconsistent in the sense that it only applies to humanoid NPCs and draugr.

As for Enhanced Enemy AI, it may be very good for all I know, but so far I'm very happy with SkyRe's AI module.

P.S. I've spent far more time investigating, installing, configuring, and testing mods, than I've spent actually playing the game. The dark side of complexity… Whenever I think I'm set, I start playing for a few moments only to discover a new kind of glitch or incompatibility. I may grow tired of Skyrim before I even feel ready to do a full playthrough. I'm on my third break from Skyrim even though I've barely played it.

Makes me long for… oh, I don't know… the old school RPGs that didn't require countless hours of modding in order to provide a relatively streamlined and challenging experience with decent complexity.
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