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April 20th, 2014, 00:45
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
My how we forget. Not only is this game not TB, but you can only open 1 spell book at a time. While in steady combat, you have to R-click on ONE spellbook or Holy symbol, find the right level spell you want, L-click the spell and then repeat the process with your next caster, all the time trying to use the space bar for your melee's while constantly being attacked. It is a slow tedious process which is why games with a party are SO much better with either a pause function, or preferably TB!!
The combats weren't so hard, come on. And even if you could cast spells faster, it's still Ad&D, so you have to rest 8 hours before cast again (not to mention to choose the spells before).
The basic tactic in this game is attack the enemy then, go backwards before they can attack. Also if you have space like 2x2 tiles, you can circle enemies.
If you got a spare fighter or cleric, can swap when the front row is wounded by doing right click on the name.
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