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July 5th, 2014, 20:58
Originally Posted by Voqar View Post
That's because it has no place in games. Games are games. You can only RP so much with AI.
While you might be right here, the same goes for virtualy any social interaction, so any interaction with NPC. Of course current AI isn't sophisticated enough to model NPCs behaviour credibly.
In party based games the main char is somehow special and a dozen guys (being "companions") just follow im in his quests, accepting virtually any of his decisions, waging battle although chances of success are minimal. Why? Answers are often given, but in a very shallow way, because it's really difficult to create AIs acting credible and making the game playable. Same goes for quest giving NPCs: you go to a pub and there's some guy who sees you for the first time and nevertheless he tells you about his life and gives you a quest to bring back his lost familiy heirloom or whatever. Why does this guy trust the main char? Seldomly there's a credible, plausibly answer given.
So we go a little closer to romances, which of course are just a special type of social relationship. There's friendship, hate, envy and so on. All these relationships are present in todays RPGs, but these relationships and all the more their development can't be modeled realistically.
The rendering of all of these things in video games is just a poor approximation of how it really works.

So why should romances be kept out? Because shallow quest givers and henchmen are a well established concept in RPGs and romances are not? I think that would be wrong.

Of course there are prople who don't pursue romances in RPGs, so any of the developer's invested resources are wasted from their point of view. But same goes for other concepts as well. I don't like crafting for example and avoid it as far as possible. That's wasted resources for me. But that's the way it is and I don't complain. There's hardly any game where I really like all and every feature. And I think that goes for everybody.

People who get into the marrying of AI and/or romancing/sexing up of AIs are kind of depraved or demented
Sorry to be straightforward, but that's just bullshit. Indeed I feel offended.
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