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January 3rd, 2019, 22:01
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
Thanks for the list. Can you also add the links to the mods?

As per request in the other kingmaker thread, here's the party I'm using for some well rounded balance. I originally tried to use my regular LMK+P party with reversed genders, consisting of a sword & board fighter (Valerie), ranger (Ekundayo), wizard (me) and healing priest (Tristian) but eventually decided to branch out and use a full-fledged 6-man party. In effect I added an offensive warrior (Amiri) and bard (Linzi). Since I like my party members to specialize they each got their very own niche tied to a main attribute.

1. Valerie. CON. Tower Shield Specialist / Stalwart Defender. Bastard sword + tower shield. Pure defense plus BAB bonus feats so she can actually hit stuff.
2. Amiri. STR. Barbarian (Reckless). Greataxe. Melee carnage against many targets and some related debuffs. Also takes care of distant enemy archers and spell casters.
3. Ekundayo. DEX. Ranger (Archery). Composite longbows. Stealthy single target sniper for priority targets.
4. Linzi. CHA. Bard (Enchantress). Rapier & small shield. Mind-related spells, i.e. Enchantment & Illusion. Buffs friends, debuffs foes, defends casters. Mistress of skills.
5. Riann. INT. Wizardress (Evocation). Dagger or Quarterstaff. Elemental-related spells, i.e. Evocation & Conjuration. Magic AoE damage. Can summon elementals.
6. Tristian. WIS. Ecclesitheurge (Healing/Good). Light crossbow. Healing & physical defense related spells, i.e. Conjuration & Abjuration. Can summon monsters.

By giving everyone a relatively narrow focus they have a more defined identity.
I use team-based feats sparingly. Outflank for Valerie/Amiri and allied caster for Linzi/Riann. Linzi stays at range via the autocast of cantrips. Tristian is making do with a crossbow for now since I won't let him use purely offensive spells, with the exception of banishing demons or healing undead. Riann on the other hand won't cast defensive spells except if Linzi or Tristian don't have them in their spell repertoire, like Stone Skin.

Since I adjusted their stats a bit, leveled them up from 0 and use the Scale XP mod to reach level 20 with everyone, I increased the difficulty setting to Hard, which works well for me. I actually have to keep my party buffed now. I use the 1 min/level buffs at the start of every new map, which last comfortably long at level 11.
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