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January 3rd, 2019, 22:45
Originally Posted by TheRealFluent View Post
Valerie (Stalwart Defender) - I made her an SD as soon as I could.
Pondered that and decided to wait until after level 9, because then the Tower Shield Specialist gets the Tower Shield Defense feat, which increases her defense against touch attacks -- one of her weaknesses, along with low will saves.

(..) [Amiri is] using a 6 ft. Glaive she's specialized in. She can stand behind Valerie attacking without getting into melee range (..)
My mage keeps her big with Enlarge Person, which increases her STR and more importantly her range, even with a greataxe. So there's no need for a reach weapon, although with a glaive I guess she could stand even farther away.

Nok-Nok (Knife Master) What can I say? He's a killing machine.
Would have picked him if I didn't have Ekun and if he wasn't evil, but same function I suppose.

The other characters haven't leveled up since I picked them up, with the exception of Octavia, who is my Magister with increased INT. I prefer to keep the others out of the loop in order to keep them fresh in case of a replay.

Love how much excellent character building in the game. It really is a treat.
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