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January 4th, 2019, 06:41
Here is the humorous comparison I alluded to earlier. I have the equivalent tier collectors editions for Original Sin 2, Pillars 2 and finally Kingmaker. Note: I'm actually reasonably happy with the pathfinder collectors edition given it was such a limited run (about 1000 in existence).

First up, Original Sin 2 statue vs Kingmaker miniature - note the Kingmaker miniature is the little grey blotch in the corner!!! The value of the Original Sin 2 collectors edition was amazing, on release they were selling for 3x the cost on ebay.


Next is Pillars 2 Deadfire statue vs Kingmaker. This isn't actually a fair comparison as the Deadfire statue was an additional pledge (Elite Collectors Edition tier). For it to be a fair comparison I would of had to have paid for the 120mm Jabberwock Kingmaker statue which I debated hard but at that stage I wasn't willing to risk the extra money.


The cloth map in the Pathfinder Kingmaker collectors edition box is freaking amazing and so is the artbook. Lack of a manual and poor DVD case are the only downers. Happy to post pictures if people are interested.
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