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April 3rd, 2019, 17:26
That's a great article - one of the better long-form pieces I've read about game development.

Problems with Frostbite are nothing new, of course. Any BF player would be nodding at this point, with a knowing smirk, maybe even an "I told you so". I'm sure there could be an entirely separate article written about EA's decision to force usage of Frostbite across most of its development studios. (Unsurprisingly, Apex Legends is built on an evolved version of Valve's Source engine, just a refinement from what Respawn used for Titanfall 2 - an engine they already tuned for all of their development needs and pitch-perfect performance. Maybe Apex Legend's engine isn't suitable for a game like Anthem, but it's still noteworthy that Respawn's games are the only big, recent EA titles that didn't have significant technical problems at launch.)
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