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November 30th, 2021, 19:04
GoG is pretty much irrelevant to me now. In their early days, I bought some older titles and enjoyed playing them again but after the first half dozen years or so, it didn't seem like many (if any) older titles were getting added and I stopped buying - and even looking at them anymore.

I know a lot of people go to GoG for new games too - and that's great for them - but I'm guessing I represent their bigger issue. I use Steam and like Steam - and started using it several years before GoG. I'm well invested in Steam, have 100s of games there, so if I can buy a game there, I will.

In addition to that, there is possibly another business challenge they are facing with players like me. 15 years ago, there was less choice in games - and if you were looking for the the kinds of games you liked, you might have more trouble finding new ones - and might look at replaying older ones. Now there are so many more games being developed, I can almost always find a fresh, new game that appeals to me - and thus, I'm less likely to revisit and buy an older game.

I think they're in for tough road ahead but I wish them well because more competition is always good.
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