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November 30th, 2021, 20:17
Originally Posted by henriquejr View Post
I don't know if by "(…) we've decided that GOG should focus more on its core business activity, which means offering a hand-picked selection of games with its unique DRM-free philosophy" they're meaning they'll focus only on selling those old games of 20+ years ago.

I hope not because…how much profit can you really do nowadays by selling only those type of games (the old ones which now are targeted to a niche, specific audience)? Is that enough to sustain such a business? I don't believe so and this news made me very concerned about the future existence of the GOG.com website itself.

Something doesn't smell good here, IMHO it smells worse than what they meant.
My thoughts too about the limited profit.

It doesn't specifically say they'll focus on maintaining old games, so I understand they'll pick whatever is available, worth it and DRM-free. If that's correct, it's all benefit, I wouldn't like GOG to sell junk like the Steam platform where it's impossible to browse games anymore.
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