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November 30th, 2021, 21:15
Originally Posted by SveNitoR View Post
I personally think it has more to do with comfort. People are used to steam and dislike buying from and dealing with another store. Just like people tend to buy stuff from the same stores over and over in general.

I mean, Epic gives away games to get new customers and it's still going very slow to get customers to spend money there.

I also believe young people and casual gamers have little knowledge about DRM and owning games (or movies/TV/music for that matter), so the customers who care are old timer gamers who still have time to play and who also care enough to often pay more. A tiny target demographic, I'd guess.
Those are very good points.

Real ownership does bug me a little, but it's also the extra weight of the DRM itself. Both are matter of principle, so indeed it's very personal and most probably old-fashioned in this instance. Although DRMs have prevented me from playing games in the era of Securom and CD-ROM players, and Denuvo has an impact on performance (among other things), so it's a little more than just rhetoric.

Originally Posted by SSIGuy View Post
It's true about what many (most?) players want these days… and I'm one of those. Some of those features (chat, forums, friends) in Steam have value to me and are part of the reason I like the platform.
That's because I have no friends
Seriously though, I do understand those reasons, though I prefer using other channels. I suppose it all boils down to personal preference and habits, I could have ended up using those features too.

I'm still playing on Steam so it's not blocking for me, it's more a preference. But the main reason I prefer GOG is because they don't force to update before playing.

EDIT: probably "most" players. I think that's why there were rumours about Twitch being upgraded to a gaming platform (Vapor) for Amazon.
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