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January 18th, 2022, 14:25
I have been using it for about 2 years, i use the app because the browser version really uses the cpu and heats it alot. I had no problems with lag or things like that, performance has been really good for me almost all the time.

The free tier now (or soon) will use 2060 rigs which are with real 1060 gpus i think and will suck for sure. In 2021 i used the free tier most of the time on what i played because i use servers where i dont have queues at all.

Nvidia have been shit lately though as they downgraded the 2080 rigs regarding the cpus and in demanding games there is a lot of audio stutter, not to mention the 3080 ripoff tier. Good news is you can get 3060 rigs if you are priority tier.

Remembering passwords work only in epic and ubisoft, for steam you can use ahk script.

With Spellforce 3 there is a problem with the game now, there was a big update in early december called Reforced and now saves get deleted after session restart. Old saves before Reforced dont work, thats the game's fault not gfn.

All in all the service is worth it with priority if you have some games to play but it has a lot of issues as well like few AAAs, EA games problems, slim or almost no communication at all to community, plus all the usual problems like lag, low performance and so on.

If you want to play many AAAs, try boosteroid or xcloud(but xcloud only uses gamepad now(
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