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December 10th, 2017, 20:24
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What a strange point of view to hold.
Video products are designed to let players win. The objective is that players win.

These days, it goes as far as the highest difficulty settings allowing to win smoothly without ever knowing of the product's specificities on a first run.
Thanks for the interest in my posts, but you clearly haven't fully read nor tried to understand them fully if this is your reply. The extent to which games want you to win them was mentioned in one of my posts, in discussion of different genres having different difficulty requirements.

If you want to go to the 'nowadays' angle, let us not forget that even way back in 2000 Icewind Dale is actually easier on harder difficulty settings because their macro also supplied you disproportionately larger Exp gain. Which is more in line with my position that 'normal', or whatever difficulty the game is specifically designed around, is the most important when communicating about aspects of a game.

I don't know about you, but if I see someone say "the game is really easy on its hardest setting" then I wont digest that information at all, I'll pretty much ignore them as I would a troll-post. Likewise, if someone says "I still had trouble on the easiest setting" then I'll equally ignore that, again, even going back to the early 2000s, it's actually harder to a get quick date finish in Civilisation 3 on its easiest setting than on any other difficulty right up to the highest difficulties, because the AI is so nerfed that it refuses to expand at all, so you can't get a Domination win without settling most of the territory yourself, instead of the quick takeovers of the ready-roaded lands of others.

And as I keep repeating, there's nothing wrong with playing any game at any difficulty, games have difficulty levels for a reason, its just the communication about those games is only really relevant/useful when discussing the specific difficulty the game was designed around. That information is worth 100x any discussion about any 'alternative' difficulty.

If you have an issue with certain games seeming too easy to you in certain genres then its more likely your looking at games which either don't actually interest you or are not in a genre you like. If you have an issue with developers wanting you to complete their game then you certainly don't 'get' the RPG genre specifically, as the RPG genre has always wanted their player to complete the game (baring some titles in the early 90s and before who ran cash generation tricks to encourage people to call cheat help-lines or buy magazines to get cheat codes etc, such as implementing deliberately obtuse puzzles or pixel-hunting hidden items etc, which all had nothing to do with difficulty and everything to do with milking cash, not too dissimilar to the mindset of lootboxes).
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