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Default Replaying games?

July 10th, 2008, 21:32
I love replaying all kinds of games (mainly rpgs and shooters though). Heck some of my favourite games only got better with the second playthrough, because I knew the game dynamics better. Let alone finding new stuff, trying different things, following a different path. I almost never felt bored. I'm shocked to read that few don't even replay rpgs. I can't think of a single rpg on my shelf that I haven't replayed atleast once. Gothic for example, all the cool stuff i'd have missed… Deus ex is an other classic I've finished atleast half dozen times. Or what about fallout 2? Isn't it a game that is meant to be replayed over and over again? The most recent rpg I've replayed is witcher and it won't be the last time.
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