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July 21st, 2010, 15:28
As usual I am way behind you guys… just started playing Dragon Age: Origins last week. The game has the typical BioWare effect on me. I really get dragged into the story, the Ostagar battle is really well done and the companions are great. But I just can't get used to how restricting Biowares environments are and how little interactivity with the environment there is. I really hate coming into a room apparently full of excellent swords and other weapons and being unable to pick them up. I hate "opening" a weapon rack full of huge swords to find a measly dagger inside. I hate finding health poultices on wolves.
But I am still going to greatly enjoy it. While the world screams "generic" in the sense that it seems a blatant mix of elements from LOTR and the Wheel of Time, it feels like the first game I played that really captures the atmosphere of such fantasy epics well, which is an achievement.

Also started playing the german Nehrim mod for Oblivion - I am only 2 hours in, but very impressed with the general quality, the atmosphere, the starting dungeon. Only hints about the story so far, but it sounds intriguing and promises to be anything but run-of-the-mill. Also heard almost only good things about it on the web. Looking forward to this!
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