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January 17th, 2012, 03:44
I've followed the game closely for months now, and have seen just about every gameplay video out there for it, and have only seen someone pick something up in the game world when it was a designated quest item, such as a note laying on the floor, or a book. They said there are 300 books in the game, so some of them might be laying around, some might be found in bookcases. As far as interactivity with the game world, there are chests, some dressers/cupboards, and I've seen a weapons rack that had a shield in the tutorial dungeon (but you activate the weapons rack as though it were a container), and that's about it. It looks to be similar to how Mass Effect and Dragon Age handled things, and different from games like Risen or Divinity 2, if that makes things clearer for you.

I could be wrong though. But I'm just going off what I've seen so far.

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