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July 21st, 2013, 13:23
Bought it, got my brother to buy it (we've played tons of co-op MC ourselves and with other friends), we're loving it thus far. The game looks amazing, plays ultra smooth, no problems at all running both server and client and hosting a game, zero DCs for either, no noticeable bugs, and some simply stunning stuff to encounter (for this kind of game).

For an alpha it feels very complete and amazingly stable and smooth and the quality level is insane for a 2 person team.

I can't really bash Minecraft because I love it, but Cube World takes many elements common between them to another level in a BIG way that makes those elements look very primitive in MC. The graphics and smoothness and solid feel in particular. The grandness and complexity is another huge way.

There are some things I'd either like to be different or be configuration options.
- world is TOO HUGE for my tastes. The cities look amazing but they're huge with a lot of filler buildings
- I love to explore, gather, see the cool randomly generated land, but the distances between town and landmarks (castles, dungeons, "quest" type locations) is ridiculously huge

The problem with both of these is that I don't like time sink or wasting time, and while exploring and tooling around is fun, I'd rather do it because I want to, not because it literally takes 30 minutes to run from town to dungeon (assuming you don't get sidetracked dozens of times along the way). For some this probably isn't an issue. Which is why I say make it a config option for map generation. The towns could be half as big and still be ridiculously huge. The distances between towns and/or town to significant landmark could be halved and would still be huge.

- mouse wheel scrolling needs to be enabled for scrollable windows in the game, like shop keepers, or insanity is a sure bet

- pet leveling is kind of wonky

- camera gets a little out of control when you go into buildings or tight spaces sometimes, which you can deal with by sliding your perspective (mousewheel smoothly switches you between 1st person and any degree of 3rd person you want to the max view distance, and the 3rd person is excellent), but the camera should auto adjust when your view gets obscured

If you're interested I'd recommend youtubing some of the yogscast videos. They're funny and the people who do them can actually speak coherently - as in, complete sentences and ideas without drooling on themselves or saying "uh" "um" etc repeatedly in every sentence. I swear that 9/10 of people who make videos should not. But it does make the people who do them well look so much better.
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