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November 8th, 2017, 17:32
About exploration: You cannot explore in the beginning as you spend your time running to save yourself from monsters that are much much stronger than you. Exploration for me is taking time to enjoy and discover the world. It's not about running to save our life. It's possible to start exploring when you are around level 15/20. At that time I had already played about 35 hours, which is a very long time spent running away from monsters.
Not much is said about combat in the review. In my opinion, combat is much more difficult than in previous Pirhana Bytes games, again until you reach level 15/20 and again for me this was after 35 hours of playing the game. What I found also is that the option of ranged weapons was not viable at the beginning of the game. For the reason that the mechanics of the game puts you at a total disadvantage: the initiative is given to monsters in combat, evading is sluggish and often does not work, and companions are mostly helpless. The game is by design unfair to the player. Combat then becomes an exercise in frustration: run or reload. After I switched to melee weapons, it was easier, but at that time I had lost attribute and skill points. I was frustrated that the game was allowing obviously unbalanced options for the development of my character. I chose a weak option and paid the price during 35 hours. Once you reach a high level enough, combat becomes much easier, but again this was for me 35 hours after I started the game.
Why do I insist on the difficult beginning? It is because this had an impact on the rest of the game. I've played 73 hours now but even after the game started to become easier, I was frustrated and stressed because of the beginning of the game. I did not enjoy the end of the game because I did not enjoy the beginning of the game. I could not forget and have not forgotten the furstration of my first 35 hours of playing the game.
This is too bad because the game could have been excellent. I still played 73 hours because I liked the world and the story and because the game has a personality that makes it attractive to play but in the end the souvenir is of frustration rather than fun.
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