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November 8th, 2017, 18:57
Long but pretty good review, Maylander.

Originally Posted by TheSHEEEP View Post
Regarding translations:
Details have surfaced that prove that the English translation is total bollocks (as in, more a rewrite than a translation, for no reason at all) - and all other non-German languages are based on that nonsense translation instead of the German one.
Unfortunately its not new in case of PB games. Risen 3 had a lot of mistakes and nonsense in english dialogues. Some of them were not immediatelly visible, but it was clear from german texts. I remember some absurd jokes, for example when NPC said (in german) something like "its dangerous there. Maybe if you are lucky you wont encounter many (or any) enemies". While in english that NPC said "Maybe if you are lucky you will encounter enemies".

Regarding critical opinions about Elex - it seems to me there is growing number of graphical whores who like to bash any game that is not hyped up for its graphics. Even if the game can look very good on high settings. Or because main hero doesnt look "perfect" or badass from the start. Anyway… the real "gem" is this review:

Rating is 1.7 out of 5

Mainly because he cant skip dialogues, dont like personality of main hero, dont "feel" impact of hits and graphics is awfull. But… there is one paragraph that reveals how new generation of players see dialogues. Its this quote:

"Another one is how the developers decided to do most of the storytelling. They open with still animation that describes what the world is about and then let the rest of the exposition be told through interactions and loud analysis by the main character. While that’s nothing new in gaming, the questionable decision comes in making these interactions last for roughly 5-10 minutes. The average gamer’s attention span during an interaction is about 2-3 minutes and that’s with characters that are actually interesting and memorable. In contrast, ELEX makes you sit through long-winded conversations, that you can’t skip, with repetitive questions and a main character that is so intense, you can’t help but be turned off by him."
I wonder how these people can still play RPGs with a lot of dialogues…

Also some weird reasoning behing 3rd person view:
"ELEX is played in the 3rd-person, with the gamer being able to see our main character, as he explores Magalan. However, it never feels quite right. It’s almost as if the developers were going for an MMO-type gameplay experience, but ran into some issues and then switched gears to a low-budget Horizon: Zero Dawn. It becomes obvious in combat situations, when you’re unable to feel the impact of each blow."
About graphics:
"An initial hook for any game stems from the quality of the graphics. If the graphics start out wonky, without a wow-factor, it becomes tough to continue playing."

Elex is a game that skimps on the graphics, motion capturing, and code needed to make this game something more than the Alpha that it is."
final paragraph:
"Unfortunately, the gameplay couldn’t live up to the intriguing world it was in. THQNordic and Piranha boast that ELEX needs about 50+ hours of gameplay, but with all of its major flaws, I’d be surprised if anyone even gave it 10 hours. They disregarded quality in order to throw out a game that clearly wasn’t ready. Maybe Piranha ran out time. Maybe THQNordic wanted to get something out of a game they knew had no future. In any case, ELEX will never be worth the time or the price of admission. Even free is too expensive for this game."
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