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November 8th, 2017, 21:33
Originally Posted by TheSHEEEP View Post
Regarding translations:
Details have surfaced that prove that the English translation is total bollocks (as in, more a rewrite than a translation, for no reason at all) - and all other non-German languages are based on that nonsense translation instead of the German one.

So, if you do know German, I'd strongly suggest playing in German.

As for proof:

Here's an actual translation of the German text:
-But why the clerics?
-They are the TRUE hipocrites of Magalan.
-Their strongest weapon is infiltration. They act behind your back and finish you off before even YOU realize it.
- They proclaim their false faith and act as if they were the world's police.
- They are far more dangerous than even the albs.

Compare that to what the actual English translations says. It's a rewrite!
I seem to remember having some discussions with Gorath back in the days of Gothic 2 about translations, and if I recall correctly, he looked into some of the translations and confirmed that both the actual translations and voice acting was far superior in German.

I am surprised to see that the differernce remain as big though. Very interesting. I honestly thought they would have fixed that by now, but I do know that proper translations are a bigger task than it might seem.
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