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September 22nd, 2014, 21:43
For me it looks there are still issues with the AI personalities. As there has been the issue of disappearing personalities, I want to check which personality my Scarlett actually has. Is there some way to check it, by a console command or something? I can't find it in the character sheet.

I think that is something wrong, because my Scarlett ("Free Spirit") choses altering dialog options.
For example after confronting Shereth in the Kings Crab tavern with Roderick (No AI), I chose to kill her whereupon Scarlett agreed. During the fight I reloaded as I wanted to try another strategy. After the reload when Rodericks says he wants to kill Shereth, Scarlett now disagreed and I needed to do the RPS game.

It shouldn't work like this, should it? As far as I understood, for each personality there should be fixed answers in each dialog. Or is there still some randomness involved?
Is there some kind of official information by Larian how the personalities should actually work or is it just guessed by the community?
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