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May 2nd, 2017, 18:01
That area is bugged and can lock your game (two gamestopper bugs).

A few days ago I've posted what to and what not to do there on Steam support forum:
This is in case you decide to wipe out the cult with help of 4 henchmen by the bridge.

1. DO NOT flood sewers. This breaks something in the game as Ignatius group protecting the entrance to sewers is considered as part of the group in sewers. What happens? You flood sewers, save game, load that game and your party is moving to Ignatius which is not bad - but you lose ability to tell 4 henchman to leave your group which is a gamestopper bug.

2. So you kill nonchristians and got 4 henchmen by the bridge. DO NOT attack Iovita's group on the map. Avoid them and go directly to sewers entrance. Kill Ignatius and his group, kick 4 henchmen out of the party, enter sewers then kill everyone there (Gaius, Valeria).

3. Upon exiting sewers DO NOT add 4 henchmen back in your party. Now go kill Iovita's group. If you add 4 henchmen, upon killing Iovita's group you won't be able to kick them out of your party and then you won't be able to leave the map till doomsday.

Note: Rescuing the brother from the dungeon prior to all this won't break anything if you used diplomacy so Severina let you in. When you come close to her, she'll run to cells and you can, if you want, go kill her. You won't get any skill point however so… Skippit.
So, reload your older save and replay till they patch it. A patch was just applied on my game, maybe it helps you (from log: "Fixed an issue where you couldn't talk to the leader of the persecutors in Chester after completing the quest, so you couldn't ditch them, so you would get stuck in the scene").

A honest word. I know this game was betatested and due to lack of time I can't betatest games, but I really can't understand how this area passed betatesters. The point of betatest is not just rushing through a game, the point is trying to bug the game with all possible means and provide as much details to devs as possible.
If any of betatesters is reading this, people please, if you can't do a proper betatest, pretty please, don't do it at all. It's bad both for developer who were not aware of problems and players who expected at least there were no gamestoppers. This is not a bugged skill or irrelevant incorrect grammar here, it's an area so bugged it feels like alpha version noone even tried before the game release.
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