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May 2nd, 2019, 13:00
I have restored RPGDot and made it available on our server. As the code used for RPGDot was rather insecure, I decided to crawl a local running version of the site and create HTML pages of as much as was possible. This is something I have been busy with since February. Well, actually my PC has been busy, a lot! In the last iteration I've decided it was enough, even if it is still not perfect.

The result is that RPGDot as we knew it on June 13, 2006 has been restored. It is not perfect. There are links that don't work, images that won't load, funny characters in texts and some other stuff. On the forums the usergroups are not present and you cannot interact on the forums (they are statisc pages). If you want to share somwthing you have to do it in the RPGWatch forums.
Alse, there is no search option. You will just have to wait until the spiders of the various search engines have done their thing and search through them (on google, just postfix your search criteria with site:rpgdot.rpgwatch.com).

The contents of the site is from somewhere in 2001 till June 13, 2006. RPGDot existed before that time (it started in 1999), but I don't have that data available anymore. RPGDot also existed after June 13, 2006, but I don't have that data either.

Some more numbers I can share, this version of RPGDot consists of close to 1.5 million files (html and images), with a total size of around 67GB. There are over 1000 errors reported by the crawler, because of various reasons. But, given the total amount of processed files, 1000 isn't that much really. I have no plans of making any further modifications at this point in time. If you feel something should be modified comment on our forums and I'll see if and what I can do.

You can find the link to RPGDot at the top of every page on RPGWatch and in the News menu bar.


More information.
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