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August 13th, 2019, 18:40
Its hard to say if MMO as genre is dead. Unlike single player games, you are not going to get a many new MMO ever year. WoW has been going strong for well over 15 years now? Yes it has its up and downs but it still has million of players. FF14 has grown subscriber number year on year and it has the highest number of subscribers 4 or 5 years after release now. How many games have increased their player count 4 years after release?

None subscription based MMO such as ESO are also doing well and increasing player count each year. There are also many eastern MMO around as well and are also in development as well.

Given that MMO have longevity, I don't think its fair to measure if they are dead or not based on how many new MMO are in development.

I think there are more people playing MMO now than ever before and we have more MMO now than ever before. You many not like many of these MMOs but they are MMO in some definition.
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