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August 14th, 2019, 14:51
Hi Myzzrym!

I don't know if my question was already answered by your Dev Diary #2, but anyway here it goes

Since the game isn't 2D-limited, that means our party's mage can cast Fly spell over our fighter in order to make her reach that enemy who's flying over our heads, right? So can we have a battle involving two flying warriors (ours and enemy's)? And when/if the spell is dispelled will the flying warrior take the corresponding falling damage?

Also: will the game implement some form of fight/encounters in the Ethereal Plane (e.g. by means of Etherealness spell)?

I'm playing tabletop D&D 5th edition with friends here, and I must say I pretty much like what I've seen from your game. It is tailored for me
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