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October 3rd, 2011, 10:39

by ShadowMoses

*SPOILER* Warning!

This is a MOD for Boiling Point: Road to Hell, made by ShadowMoses with the
unofficial English SDK. As far as I know this is the only playable Mod for BP. It is of a standard equal to the commercial quality of the original game, and was virtually bug-free. A highlight is ShadowMoses' original dialogue.
I really enjoyed replaying this, it looks so much better on my 2008 computer than
it did on my 2004 rig. Water reflections and object detail were great, especially for a 2005 game.
There are more than ten major quest missions.
Before you begin missions, you should start a 'New Game' of BP. Visit the editor to get Lisa's 'starter car'. Visit the police station cells to get an AK. Then go to the Black Jaguar Bar in Peurto Sombra and talk to the 'suspicious stranger' to kick off
Renegade Storm.
ShadowMoses assumes you have already played the original game, so you are
granted all vehicle licences at the start.

Quest Missions:
Mission 1 Find Nuno Novais on his island. He gives most of the main missions.
Mission 2 "Rupture that Hernia". Kill Hernia and his mob, to eliminate any potential problems to Nuno's plans to take over Colom… er Realia.
Mission 3 Deliver a message to the mayor.
Mission 4 Bring Nuno the heads of the death squad members who attempted to assassinate him. This involves getting a password and breaking into the police computer. Many of the missions are 'time related' so you need to sleep in the motel or otherwise kill time. The heads of the death squad members weigh
5kg each, so manage your carry limit well.
Nuno gives you various weapons at the start of missions, eg FAMAS, Dragunov, grenade launcher (not necessary, but fun!) and there are a few pick-ups of assault rifles with 0% wear.
Mission 5 Free Lanael from jail. From the information you found in the police computer, Nuno's friend Lanael is still alive but in jail. Fortunately you don't
have to escort him out, which was a major pain in the original BP jail-break.
Mission 6 Rob the bank to fund Nuno's guerrilla war.
This is a first class mission. You can blow a hole in the back wall of the bank, but it is much more interesting to get the key to the vault by getting the bank girl drunk and marrying her in the church at Pablo Faro.
The money is heavy and you need to be holding all five cashboxes to seal the
Mission 7 Lanael gives a mission to get secret spy information from the doughnut guy. This is a well-crafted mission. You need to think!
Mission 8 Kill the Guerrilla leader.
Mission 9 Plant false documents. This is another great mission, and highlights the very cool dialogue ShadowMoses wrote: Saul threatens to overwrite the Hacker's Windows OS with Linux!
The forged documents lead the government to suspect an imminent Guerrilla attack.
Mission 10 Eliminate the government soldiers at the roadblocks into Peurto
Mission 11 Eliminate the police force and the police chief.
Mission 12 Escort the mayor to a jail cell. This escort mission went quite well, the mayor didn't get too hung up on furniture and civilians!
Mission 13 Celebrate with Nuno at the Black Jaguar.
Mission 14 What a great ending: visit the main square to see the statue Nuno commissioned to honour Saul!

Some important notes from the 'readme':
> installing the MOD closes off some of the original game's missions.
> some of the objective locations (red crosses) are on the slightly wrong
location, but it is obvious where you have to go.
> no background music
> Helicopter caused XP to freeze. (Maybe it's my computer.)
> one of the policemen in the 'eliminate police 'quest was invisible.

I may never play BP again. Or maybe I will. But I certainly enjoyed five nights this week replaying Renegade Storm. Good weapons, all vehicle licences, plenty of pesos, and cool missions. Thanks again SM!

About the two MODS wesp5 mentioned in the O.P. "The Legend Lives" is still available but the link for Great War (176Mb) which was part of the Xenus Gold package sold in Russia, is dead. If it wasn't released in the West, it is probably not localised in English anyway.
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