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February 10th, 2018, 04:53
This discussion has gone way off course and people are making assumptions. Just to be clear - because I starting this graphical discussion - I have *NO* problem with Jeff's current graphics. Heck I like Geneforge 1 with the puke green boarders and bright grey tiles and little basic sprites. Its primitive but its not *abstract*. The little Geneforge sprites have basic animations and combat graphics. Its charming. Bouncing icons like Battle Brothers is a graphical abstraction. Its lazy even compared to a primitive sprite with the most basic animation. Its a style that in my opinion puts it beneath Geneforge 1 in many respects. I can *relate* to the primitive little lizard sprite with its pixely little legs that move when it walks and make little noises when it attacks. A bouncing head? Hell no. I'm simply arguing against Jeff REGRESSING his graphics. So if he is going to switch engines yes I'd like to see him evolve further in the graphical department otherwise why bother? Just stick with the current engine that looks great. If you are going to change it make the change worth something.
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