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March 3rd, 2007, 02:02
games like halo are the one of the main reasons i shy away from most fps. from the few hours i played it and watched it played on a friends console when it came out i saw it nothing more than a 'polished and fun arcade game' and had i played it when i was in that phase i would have enjoyed it thouroughly. modern 3-d pc games though have crushed any desire to devote what sparetime i have to the genre. at least if i game is going to force me to kill things and not see who the character is i'd at least like some decent dialogue from the game's protagonist whether with text or vocals. to me that is an inherent 'flaw' with any first person game that it must strive to overcome. i mean how many movies are told through a first person perspective? in games i don't play them as 'i am' the charcter but as i am in a symbiotic releasonship with the character. if there are not alot of options in a first-person game other than 'how to' kill to npc a-z then i at least want some dialogue from the character to do some explaining as i don't fancy myself as a person who even needs a fantasy of killing people. so with the benifit of immersion from first-person games comes, to me, the need to add a lot more to what is basically assuming the role of weapon scope rather a character who is brandishing one. to many this probably seems a silly notion and that game 'perspective' has only visual differences, but its how i feel.
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