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October 20th, 2020, 14:50
Originally Posted by largh View Post
I wonder how much "licensing full D&D" cost compared to partial licensing they have done and what is the difference?
To add to the other replies, here is the link to the official site with some explanations on the limitations. And the document with the rules, which is actually quite complete, for those who don't own the Player's Handbook (or if its pages have fallen apartů)

Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
I don't think they have a limited license as such. The open license is a bit murky about your obligations, particularly with regard to use in a computer game. I think they just got WotC's blessing to use the open system, to avoid any potential legal hassle.
Yeah, that's how I understood it. Here's how they answered such a question in their forums:
I thought the Open Gaming License was already available for free to the public. Why did you need to get additional permission from Wizards of the Coast?
Originally Posted by Tactical Myzzrym
Video Games and Rulebooks are not exactly the same, so in order to avoid potential legal issues in the future we preferred to make a deal with WotC now This should alleviate some worries we've seen around, as well as potentially open up new collaborations in the future.
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