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February 14th, 2010, 04:59
Here's update on DA: Awakening. Its a FAQ. I am very, severely diappointed. They lied to us again. Choices in DAO is important my ass =.=;

1.7 If I had a romance in Origins, does it carry over into Awakening? (Back to top)

Romances do not carry forward in Awakening, because you are away from your previous life fighting a new threat.
wtf seriously. So my human noble marries Alistair, becomes a Queen and then get booted out from castle to become a grey warden commander and meet Alistair on commander/king based relationship only. Wow, is it just me, or theres no consequences in Awakening no matter what choices you make in DAO?

Another example:

2.3 If my PC died at the end of Dragon Age: Origins how are they alive in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening? (Back to top)

If a player wants to, they can import their "Dead Warden" into Awakening and play as them. For the story it's assumed that they didn't make the ultimate sacrifice, instead somehow survived. A player would start as the same level with the same gear as their "Dead Warden". Essentially, if a player doesn't have a problem hand-waiving the story in this regard - neither do we.
Seriously, fuck you Bioware.

1.9 Which Dragon Age: Origins NPC will be returning? (Back to top)

Besides Oghren who plays a large role in Awakening, there are cameos and returning characters. For companions you'll potentially meet Loghain, Wynne, and Alistair depending on your decisions in Origins. In regards to NPCs, Master Wade and Herren reprise their roles, with Wade offering to make even more fantastical goods if the player brings his list of ingredients. Loghain's daughter, Anora, may also appear in Awakening depending on your choices in Origins. From David Gaider's novel "The Calling" - both the Architect and Utha are present in Awakening.
Nice try there.
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