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December 27th, 2009, 03:07
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Are you looking for something specific? It's an indie game using an engine that has been around for a while; I doubt the requirements are particularly steep. I played the beta of the beta on an aging laptop without any problems.
My PC died and all I have left is a 1st-gen MacBook (not a MacBook Pro). I see that Torque works with Mac but the combat demo is an .exe so I am assuming AoD is Windows only. I was debating doing the virtual machine thing, or maybe trying it out on an old Windows laptop I have that's gathering dust. I have been following AoD (the game has me super excited, more than about anything else on the horizon) so I know it's a bit old school in terms of demand; I assumed I'd be fine running it but I thought I'd ask and find out if there were any official requirements.
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