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October 12th, 2010, 08:47
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but popular with who??? It doesn't really get much chatter here. I mean, I know people play it but are they raving about it like the early Fallout, Gothic or Might and Magic????
You just asked if it was popular, to be fair. And in the general scheme of things, Fallout and Gothic aren't really that popular outside of RPG circles (not counting Fallout 3).

Anecdotally, I have a number of friends that wouldn't know what Morrowind was if you asked by clocked well over 50 hours into Oblivion and look back on it happily - although they probably didn't download any mods and you wouldn't find them on a forum talking about it.

Oblivion from my understanding was did really well sales wise (a quick google says 1.7 million back in 2006).

If you met any of them on the street they would probably rave to you about how great it was. Though, if you brought up Fallout they would rave about how great 3 is.

As for topic . . .

Is the original Two Worlds worth grabbing on the cheap? I remember when it came out it was buggy as all hells but I think they may have fixed most of that up? I really liked Reality Pump's "Earth" RTS games but missed grabbing TW.
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