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October 7th, 2012, 23:21
Sigh. This talk about what kills what. It reminds me of the common talk how adventure games killed IF games and Myst killed adventure games. So many murders in the game industry.

My point is (and I did play Wizardry from Wizardry I to 8, I also played Anachronox and more than once) that I have almost nothing to lose.

Scenario 1, not enough money in KS campaign == I lose nothing.

Scenario 2, KS works, game is awesome or at least good == WIN! This is what I hope for.

Scenario 3, KS works, game is crap == oh well, I've spent way more money on worse things. At least I gave them possibility to try, time to let my nostalgia die in peace which will anyhow hurt more than those few bucks.

Scenario 4, KS works, game is never done. See 3.

Out of those all options, I can only lose a few bucks while there is a possibility to get a game I didn't even thought it can be possible to do.
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