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Default The Totally NEW Team Corwin Thread

October 28th, 2011, 02:05
U12 news:

Shroud has gained additional chests after part 5, on Hard and Elite difficulties only. Might make it worthwhile to actually run on hard or elite.

FoM no longer protects against giant stone hands rising from the ground and grabbing you. WF are also not immune to giant stone hands grabbing them anymore.

Vision of Destruction and Hound of Xoriat have some new loot, only a single ring found, with Insight AC +4, +25% exceptional Fortification, and +2 exceptional Reflex Save (these stack with other sources save themselves). I think the new stuff can only drop on elite, but who knows? I've only seen stuff in those raids drop on elite anyway.

Mobility now increases the max dex bonus of armor and shields.

Deepwood sniper, as if anyone would take that over Arcane Archer, ability to shoot while stealthed has been broken.
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