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April 2nd, 2013, 19:25
Perhaps a different point of view

You stand silently in the shadows waiting impatiently. You look down at your cursed body and suppress a shudder of revulsion. Your skin has grown into a pale thick hide with purplish veins coruscating vividly across it. Your monstrously bloated and elongated forearms hang at your sides, coiled slightly so your palms rest flat on the ground. Jagged claws sprout from your hideous hands and feet while matted fur clings, in patches, to your torso.

You try to stay stalwart as your mind threatens to cave in to the clutches of insanity. Suddenly, he appears ducking out from the tepidly lit tunnel. He strides briskly to the divining pool and kneels in supplication. Your gaze rests upon him and your haunted mind is stilled briefly. You lurch forward clumsily and use the momentum of your unfamiliar bulk to close the distance to him in only a few strides. He finally looks up and his trembling lips try to form words of power but it is too late. The element of surprise has robbed him of his loyal cadre of summoned beasts and the battle has already begun.
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