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October 20th, 2020, 01:33
Fallout: New Vegas At 10 - The Definitive Game Of War, Greed, and Loss
The tale of New Vegas is over. Perhaps one day, we could do with a remake to restore some of the content that got left behind, but other than that, this chapter in Fallout history is closed.

All the factions that die in New Vegas die because they were stuck living in the past. As Father Elijah puts it in the DLC Dead Money, the NCR, Legion, Brotherhood of Steel, and Mr. House were all after a “bright, shining monument luring treasure hunters to their doom. An illusion that you can begin again, change your fortunes.” But all it does is seal their fate.

The Brotherhood wouldn’t accept newcomers, the NCR wouldn’t stop expanding, the Legion wouldn’t plan beyond their glorious leader’s life, and Mr. House refused to acknowledge the threat of some courier blasting some Dean Martin on a Pip Boy.

The point is, New Vegas is all about moving on, and it’s time we did too. Ten years ago, we got the definitive game of war, greed, and loss. With The Outer Worlds and the upcoming Avowed, it’s clear Obsidian have different stories to tell. With any luck, Microsoft and Bethesda will let them tell these stories in the Fallout universe once more.
Vaporum: Lockdown Patch - Adds Mac & Linux Support
Hey, guys and gals!

While Patch #4 is smaller in terms of changes and fixes, it's actually a big deal -- the game is now released on Mac & Linux!

Work on the Switch port is well underway already, so that's to come in the nearest future, too.

Here are patch notes as usual:

- Support for Mac & Linux added.
- Tweaked the blackouts in the psychedelic part of the Hive to happen at specific points rather than triggering at random times during the whole ordeal.
- Fixed: Continuous damage received from enemies does not scale with the difficulty level.
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