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October 20th, 2020, 15:10
I still have never finished AC: Odyssey. Was playing it some more last night. The parkour is off-putting to me after a while. Climbing anything and everything with zero consequences of falling damage gets stale after a while. It presents an astounding amount of freedom, but starts to feel silly after a bit. I don't want to go back to games with narrowly defined areas that can only be climbed. But climbing anything, and diving off even the highest precipices with no consequence is just absurd, and even gets in the way sometimes. Evading enemies, running away sometimes means I start climbing some crazy part of the environment that I didn't intend to climb. I accept that my character is super human. And all games have unrealistic aspects (carrying 25 swords, swimming in heavy armor, etc). But something about the unlimited parkour doesn't work for me.

I'll eventually play Valhalla. But the fact that I STILL have not even finished Odyssey says something about the overall game. And Valhalla looks like a lot more of the same.
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