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October 21st, 2020, 07:02
So after an hour and 1/2 of creating 4 characters I only was able to play for about 45 min.

If we are going to compare it to BG3 then after character creation and 45 min of gameplay Solasta wins hands down. Also, keep in mind I really enjoyed BG3 EA.

Character creation in BG3 took me less than 5 minutes. Solastaís took 15-20/ character. Thereís a lot more options and you can select to roll your character or do point buy. Also Solasta allows you to go below 8 on your attributes so you can min/max if thatís your thing. BG3 has way more cosmetic options but I care more about my character build than how they look.

In my limited time with combat Solasta again had more options and some QOL features BG3 didnít have. Solasta has delay turn and ready an action which I missed in BG3. Also has a select all characters button, the ability to lasso characters and characters will jump on their own which probably doesnít sound like a big deal but after having to keep switching between my characters and making each on jump every time it was required in BG3 got old fast.

I though Solastaís tutorial area was pretty creative. All your characters gather in a bar too meet someone and while they wait they exchange different stories and you play through the stories to learn game mechanics. The banter between them here is pretty good. Even a couple laughs. The one liner type which I like. I also remember party banter being pretty good in the earlier demo so Iím not really too worried about that.

I definitely get the feeling that Larian is making a D&D game to appeal to the masses and tactical adventures is unapologetically making a D&D game.

I like the more hardcore approach tactical adventures is taking but I also greatly enjoyed my time with BG3 so for me itís a win win as I will play both multiple times.

Iíll post more when I get a chance to really dig in to it.




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