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October 26th, 2020, 01:32
Solasta: Crown of the Magister Live (Half-Elf Paladin)

1st day of the Solasta: Crown of the Magister early access! Excited to try out this game. Great to have more games based on Dungeons and Dragons hit the market! Baldur's Gate 3 and now this, you can't go wrong. More Solasta streams and videos on the way, subscribe!
Fallout 76: Steel Dawn - Official Teaser Trailer

Take a look at the teaser trailer for Steel Dawn, the first chapter in the new Brotherhood of Steel questline, available in December 2020.
Fallout 4 & Fallout: New Vegas mods add support for Vulkan

You can download the Vulkan mods here and here
If you have a newer Videocard that supports Vulkan, I highly recommend installing the DXVK wrapper in to FNV. I went from 40-50fps in a heavy modded TTW + ENB install to a fully stable locked 60fps in all locations (that I have tested so far)
Gamedec - Genre Musings Update
Grab a cup of coffee and dive deep into the mind of Marcin Sergiusz PrzybyƂek, the author of the Gamedec saga. Marcin will explain his view on creating the gamedecverse and determine the genre in which Gamedec books fit in. Enjoy!
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