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October 26th, 2020, 22:15
I had written off Immortals Fenyx Rising but previews are saying it's actually very, very good. So I will likely pick it up at some point.

I don't know if this has been covered here before, but "Immortals Fenyx Rising" original name was the MUCH BETTER "Gods and Monsters." Apparently Monster Energy Drink threatened to sue them over the name, so the publisher backed down and changed the name to the HORRIBLE "Immortals Fenyx Rising"

That name is so very, very bad that my guess is it will hurt sales. It sounds like the name for a cheap mobile game.

Just goes to show what a shitty, litigious world we live in where a mega corporation like Monster Energy can throw enough money around to pull shit like that. It didn't even go to court: the threat of a lawsuit from a mega-corp was enough to make them change the name. As if the word "monster" is actually 'ownable' nowadays!

It's a terrible precedent. Large corporations are poison. Fuck Monster. Apparently, Monster Drink product placement was all over the game Death Stranding, too. The main character actually uses that sugar water as some sort of potion. Ugh.
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