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February 1st, 2012, 18:26
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A big part of the reason why people have fond memories for the older games is because of the heavier social element. In EQ you literally sat around for 4 hours killing the same monster over and over. There virtually no story or adventuring or quests or clearing of dungeons. Just just sitting in one place for 4 hours, out of which aproximately 3 and a half hours were spent just waiting for the respawn. Because there was absolutely nothing else to do during this time, many people developed friendships, formed bonds, and roleplayed their own stories. They understandably have very fond memories of these times.

In more modern MMOS there is actually a game you play that keeps you occupied. You don't just sit around doing nothing for 99% of the time. So people form fewer friendships and spend less time roleplaying elaborate backstories for their characters.

Personally I'd much rather play a game with stuff to do. I think most people are like this. But people have different tastes and some miss the days when there was nothing to do but roleplay and talk to your friends..
This is an *excellent* point. I played EQ and it was horribly monotonous. The reason I have such great memories (besides it being my virgin MMO which also plays into things) is there was nothing to do but chat with others. There was a lot of down time (and travel) in this game. Not to mention the way other players could truly help out.

Corpse runs - I got, and gave, tons of help when it came to corpse retrivial. There was ample oppurtunity to help folks with travel, quests (which were mega obscure sometimes), and just a lot more room for interaction and communication.

Many games now are much faster paced. In fact I have to do 90% of my chatting while just sitting out in a city or maybe doing some crafting. It is very hard to carry on a full conversation (in chat at least - I suppose voice chat is much easier although I am not a big fan of VC) when things happen so much more quickly. There just seems to be less time to get to know people and the whole process is much more utilitarian.

That being said I am also a casual player so I don't have any huge issues with speed. A friend made level 50 in just over a week in SWTOR. My highest level right now is 20 and I have been playing since it came out. In RIFT I had guild mates make max level before the first month was over while it took me 6 months. Course in EQ it took me over a year.

But I tend to agree with the general idea that current MMO's seem to push more getting to "end-game" content … which is a little bizarre considering all the effort they put into the content you experience during your journey there. Not to mention most new MMO's seldom have great end-game content at release.

I am in the minority though. When I reach max level that is when I get bored as I like the journey the most. I don't like raiding or grinding or the gear emphasis. I like to explore, chat, level, do some solo and some easy/casual grouping, and the end-game just doesn't have that feel.

PS - The title is accurate though. In most any new MMO these days many new players (not all of course) are like a swarm of locusts. They rush through content to get to the end-game … and then often complain about it. But is that the fault of the players? The developers? Just a side effect of the current generation?
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