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September 20th, 2013, 13:42
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Getting invaded when hollow is just a shit idea. Surely remaining hollow and losing hit points by continuously dying is punishment enough. This will make you want to go into human form which means then you can be invaded. This decision is overkill.
I like getting invaded while hollow, but hate the losing hitpoints for dying repeatedly. It's like…. The good player gets it easy but the player who couldn't do it with full hitpoints has to do a harder version?

Also, adding more limitations to co-op play only makes it worse as a co-op game, which it very much is supposed to be. I think everyone in the world was hoping for unlimited co-op.

And they talk about rating messages again to get some heal, but this sort of design is like they haven't been playing dark souls at all and noticed no one ever rates messages. Surely just reading them is enough? Even if you got a reward when your message is loaded into another players game since its added content enriching the world that the player chose to bypass.
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