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February 22nd, 2011, 12:20
I just finished a full playthrough with your 1.80 final mod. Thanks for the great mod. It was a hell of a game. Has to be the most stable game I have played in years! Not a single CTD.

One small thing issue I found was in muralosh (sp?) when you confront and kill the woman who kills salina (she has 2 stone golems) and quest steps into the next stage the game switches to the desktop and pops up a warning dialog saying something about "transferspecial is only for specialitems - could not transfer" or something similar. This is not a fatal error but you just click okay and then you can alt-tab back into the game and continue. Is this a result of the mod or just a known issue?

A small suggestion I have is that some of the recipes should really be tweaked. I don't think there was a single worthwhile recipe in the entire game…..I remember the final one-hand axe recipe ended up being worse than the store bought wyrmslayer axe….forgrimm was most displeased. (Wrymslayer was 1d+5 but 11/2 versus 1d+9 11/3)
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