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June 26th, 2007, 21:09
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The only connection I could see is a delay due to aesthetics?
It's not a delay due to aesthetics. From one of the posts:

"Hard to say, really. Look at it this way. Suppose you decide to make a table one day. You figure out that it would take a couple of days and start working. In a couple of days the table is completed and you proudly observe your masterpiece. Hmm… The good news is it's definitely a fucking table and nobody would confuse it with a chair. The bad news is the table leaves much to be desired. In my opinion, at least, but then again, in this particular case, my opinion is the one that truly matters. So, you start tinkering with the table: replace a leg or two, add some drawers, carve some details, and polish this fucker until you hate the day when you decided to make it.

So, from one, purely technical point of view, you can say that it's 100% done and playable. From a more demanding point of view, it's about 60% done, meaning that I would like to replace about 40% given an opportunity (just like we replaced the interface, for example). I can post a list of things I want to fix, if someone's interested and, perhaps, would like to help.

Here is another explanation. Gothic 3 was shipped when all the pieces were put together. It was a brilliant, but absolutely unpolished game, which is a shame, because

a) it almost killed PB and whether or not the studio will recover is unclear.
b) it ruined gameplay for many players and created an impression that the game sucked.

The game should have been in development for at least another 6 months or another year. That's the mistake that we are trying to avoid. Unlike a real development studio, we don't work full time, so a few months of regular development time mean 6 months worth of work for us. Well, patience is a virtue."

… i.e. the towns being upgraded for, in my opinion, rediculous reasons. Town layout in an rpg is about as important as having a cool intro for the publishers name, or a typo in the ending credits. No one cares…
Indeed. I don't care about town layouts and never did. I do care about the art direction though, but that's a different matter. It's not about making the game look pretty, it's about area design that matches what you are told about the area.
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