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April 18th, 2013, 13:24
It reminds me of the claim made by a designer and reported on this site: the public education system explains why games are what they are today, because it educates children to refuse hard gameplay as the keystone of public education is to challenge students.

Both claims ignore demographics.

When looking at demographics, the first suggestion is that players who ignore the consequences of an always online feature know of an alternate model. The bulk of players is old enough for that.
If you consider that grown ups buy games for players under 11 years old or so, it puts even more suspicion as grown ups themselves know of an alternate model.

Sim City 5 is another case as Sim City 4 is ten years old. Fans of the series know of an alternate model as they played previous games.

In all counts, buyers who override the always online feature are for their majority people who knew an alternate and prefer to ignore it.

Lack of information, youth are not satisfying explanations.
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