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April 18th, 2013, 15:26
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When looking at demographics, the first suggestion is that players who ignore the consequences of an always online feature know of an alternate model.

Sim City 5 is another case as Sim City 4 is ten years old. Fans of the series know of an alternate model as they played previous games.

In all counts, buyers who override the always online feature are for their majority people who knew an alternate and prefer to ignore it.
I doubt so.

Why ? Because, when I look at boxed specimens in the electronic chan shops, and I look at the "system requirements" I often read :

- requires Steam
- requires permanent iternet connection


- the result is so simple :

They have no alternatives !

When even boxed specimens sold at retail come with an "always on" DROm - what alternatives do they have, then ?

You write : Players of SIM City 5 know that there is another format - offline - but decide to ignore it.

Then, please, can you tell me in which format SIM City 5 is sold as an complete offline game ?

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I have no problem accepting this as a fact; but I wouldn't call it a monopoly yet. Not as long as there is a substantial number of games coming out that don't use Steam.
The number is shrinking. The number is shrinking. Especially for low-buget games (like Adventure games).

From all adventure games I see in the local shop, ca. 3/5 are now steam-bound, especially those published by dtp, for example.
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