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July 5th, 2011, 06:37
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I never played Tales of the Sword Coast….was it a decent expansion? I think I've seen it knocking about on Steam or elsewhere. I also have my BG, BG2, SoA boxes packed away at home…now I'm feeling all nostalgic…


A 2nd vote for TotsC from me; Its worth it for the level cap raise alone; also
some of the major battles are improved, f.i Sarevok is much much tougher; but now so are you……..

Strange; now that I think about it…. I've completed BG + TotSC three or four times; original version; expanded; with Tutu and Mods; but
I have yet to complete BG 2 and ToB once! Time to look for that Black Isle directory I guess…..
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