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July 5th, 2011, 15:54
Apologies if this has been posted before - stumbled across it last night and figured I would mention it in this thread. Its the Baldur's Gate BiG World Mod:…world-project/

For gamers of old, the tale of Minsc and Boo was an epic one; where men became legends and hamsters became giants. Though that chapter of BioWare appears to be closed, many still dream of the day were one can relive the quality of Baldur’s Gate with today’s technology. Well my friends, that day is today. Through the dedicated work Spellhold Studios, the BiG World Project injects life into the classic by installing so many mods with ease that Boo would be left speechless.

From the well done German modification Tales of Anegh that bridges Baldur’s Gate with Icewind Dale, to the modernizing of the game with a Widescreen option, there is something for everyone here. Collected carefully from authors around the world not only does this fix every bug known to tread The Sword Coast, it also expands the game with custom quests, area, companions spells, equipment and visuals.

If Aerie and Jaheria are growing old on you, there are plenty of new companions to bring along. Auren Aseph, a twenty year old fighter from the town of Bereghost who happens to have a small feud with Nalia can join you on your adventure. Having her and Nalia in the same group will cause much bickering to ensue. The work put into companions alone is simply staggering and shows how devoted the Baldur’s Gate community is. Here is a sample of some of the companions you could travel with:

Indira, an elven lawful-good Fighter/Mage
Mulgore, a chaotic-evil Half-Orc Barbarian
Xavia, a neutral-evil elf Female Assassin
Finch Bloodwhiffler, a neutral-good gnome cleric of Deneir
Iylos Mirdan, a neutral good human Monk

Many of these companions feature their own voice-acting, personal storylines, romances which make them all worth the price of admission (nothing). The banter packs are also a subtle addition to the game that add more personality and story between the companions (both original and modded) helping flesh out The Sword Coast. Watch who you party with, Minsc might give you a swift kick in the morals!

Follow the link for more.
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