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July 5th, 2011, 23:48
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At the time, I preferred BG (+totsc). Played through that at least 7 times in relatively short succession. I prefer the open exploration and sense of vulnerability that the low levels bring - each advancement is a huge step in power.

BG2 though I find easier to go back to these days - not just in the higher resolution, but it starts off with a faster pace and you already feel quite powerful from the beginning - plus there are more differences in different play-throughs according to class and companion choices etc.

have you tried playing BG with the tutu mod? tut allows you to play BG with BGII's UI & updated game engine, which along with the widescreen mod brings Baldurs Gate up to GBII standards in every way.

BG will always be my favorite becasue of the more open world. I still remember the first time I played, I was in RPG heaven! It's sad that the golden age of CRPGs are over…
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